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My name is Irie Rose. I'm 21, and live in California. I welcome questions of any nature. I'm on my pursuit of happiness, wish me luck.
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Freya Arabella Bra and Panty set … Which you can buy: Here:—Underwire-Balcony/dp/B000IWISLS/ref=sr_1_4?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1394210501&sr=1-4&keywords=freya

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September 18 2014 7:30AM

I need to start getting ready for class. But I’ve been feeling like I am not actually living my life. I’m just tired and unfocused. I want to stop that because it’s nonsense. I want to enjoy everything. I don’t feel depressed just like detached. I wonder if it’s because I’m always trying to do too much and now I’m just overloaded? I’m trying to be a good student(but I missed a whole week from having a cold and have so much to catch up on), I’m trying to always eat healthy and quit smoking cigarettes. I’m trying to cook every night for my boyfriend while refrain from eating it myself because it’s more fat than my body needs. I’m trying to prepare for Christmas so it’s not a last minute scramble. I’m trying to be good to my employers(I’m an ihss worker for some of my Lover’s family) but I’m so swamped with the stress in my head I can’t do anything  I’m supposed to do. All I wanna do is watch Christmas movies and Tumble because it’s easy to empty my head that way. I need to get a better grip on my life. I need motivation. Somebody out there help me? Just solid advice or tell me you belive in me or something. Please?

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DIY Vampire Doughnuts with Printable from eighteen25 here. The printable goes on top of the box and reads, “Here’s something sweet to sink your teeth into”. You can buy bags of fangs at Target, Walmart or Michaels and probably the Dollar Store.

Never have I seen a doughnut look so concerned.

All I can see are Yip Yips.

YES! Yip Yips! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that … odd … doughnut photo.

(Oh dear, I think I’m going to be muttering yiiiiiip yip yip yip - noooope nope nope under my breath all day.)

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Mike Adams

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